The 10 Best Grill Tips


This brings even more joy to grilling! With tips on marinating, grilling equipment, healthy grilling enjoyment, grilling aids, lighting, embers, steaks, fish and grilled vegetables!

1. Grill Griddle Combos

The charcoal grill is the classic. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, with and without a lid. It is ideal for grilling at home, in the garden or on the terrace, and especially for traveling. Small charcoal grills are easy to take to the park or beach. If you want to grill for more than six people, the grill should have a diameter of more than 65 cm.

In addition, there is the gas grill, with which you can start immediately, clean and temperature accurate. For those who like to grill quickly and preferably at home, a gas grill is a suitable alternative to grilling with charcoal, which can develop too much smoke. Personally, we love grill griddle combos for more versatility or a smokeless grill to do it in closed doors (great for the winter time).

Some also swear by the electric grill, which is also suitable for quick grilling, ideal for the small round on the balcony and easy to clean.

2 Healthy barbecue enjoyment

Grilling becomes a healthy pleasure if you follow these tips:

Use heat-stable vegetable oil to marinate grilled meats, as it retains composition and flavor during grilling.

When grilling with charcoal, ash particles can fly onto the meat due to wind or deglazing with liquids, which is not healthy and affects the taste. Therefore, place the grill away from the wind and do not deglaze the grilled food with beer or similar.

Liquids such as fat, meat juices or marinade should not get on the embers when grilling with charcoal, because then harmful smoke is formed, which comes into contact with the grilled food. Aluminum foil and aluminum bowls catch liquids and there are grills with a drip tray below the grate.

3. Marinate meat & vegetables

A flavorful marinade of heat-resistant olive oil, vinegar, herbs and spices adds great flavor to steaks, chops, chicken fillets and vegetables and tenderizes the meat.

Place the grilled food in the salt-free marinade for two or more hours before grilling, and it is best to store it in a closed container in the refrigerator.

4. Use a lighting chimney for help

For charcoal grill, you can prepare charcoal and briquettes wonderfully in a kindling chimney. In the metal cylinder you put the ignition aid at the bottom and the charcoal and briquettes at the top. Then turn on the lighting aid and wait until the coals and briquettes are covered all around with a fine layer of ash. The great thing is that the heat is distributed evenly here. When the coals are glowing, pour them onto the grill and light more coals in the lighting chimney in between if necessary.

5. Distribute embers cleverly

Short-roasted items such as hamburgers, steaks, chops, chicken breasts and fish fillets are best grilled over direct heat. Larger pieces such as roasts or whole chickens are grilled over indirect heat so that the meat is cooked well on the inside without burning on the outside. To get two heat zones, for example, spread the embers only on one side of the grill grate – for direct heat. The side without embers can be used for indirect grilling or for briefly setting aside finished grilled meat.

6. Practical grill helpers

These grill helpers make grilling even more fun: have grill turners or grill tongs with a long handle, aluminum bowls and an insulated grill glove ready. And have a clock with you so that meat, fish, vegetables and cheese come off the grill perfectly.

7. Skewered well

Shish kebabs are a grilling classic. For safe use of wooden skewers on the grill, you can soak them in water for about half an hour beforehand. If you want to grill tender fish fillets, such as salmon, on skewers, they will get stability if you use two skewers and insert them crosswise into the fillets.

8. Grill steaks

Sear steaks over direct heat to allow the flavors to fully develop. Finish grilling steaks thicker than 2.5 inches on the indirect heat side after searing so the meat has time to cook on the inside. The easiest way to determine whether the steak has turned out the way you like it best is to use the color test. To do this, cut the steak slightly on the underside and check the color inside.

9. Grill fish

To prevent fish from sticking to the grate, grill fish fillets or fish steaks over high, direct heat. Turn the fish only once during the grilling time and grill the first side longer to create a delicious crust. Carefully lift the fish fillets off the grill with a grill turner. Whole fish cook well in grill baskets or grill tongs.

10. For variety: grilled vegetables

In addition to meat and fish, it’s also worth putting vegetables on the grill! Stuffed peppers, mushrooms, pumpkin skewers, marinated zucchini and tomatoes with mozzarella filling as well as corn on the cob get a wonderful, slightly smoky aroma on the grill